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Preparing Bigleaf Hydrangeas for Winter

I woke up to 37 degrees F this morning, a stark reminder that I need to prepare to wrap some of my bigleaf hydrangeas (macrophyllas) for winter. Those that aren't planted in protected locations as I described in my earlier blog posts, and a little help if I want to give them their best chance of having their buds make it through the coming winter to see flowers in 2019.
Exactly what does this mean right now? SHRUB COVERS: something I can use to safely protect the plants from ice and snow, maybe even give them a few degrees of insulation.


Look what I found on several of my PG hydrangeas: FALL WEBWORMS!
FALL WEBWORMS ON HYDRANGEA PANICULATA First time in 28 years these beasties have shown up. Don't know if it's because of our unique summer conditions, or some other plant that had them and they migrated over, but now that they are here, what should I do?